Solution: Thermal and Residual Stress Measurement

Solution: Thermal and Residual Stress Measurement

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Thermal and Residual Stress Measurement

"Thermal and residual stress measurement is a technique used to quantify the internal stresses within materials that arise due to temperature changes or manufacturing processes. These stresses can significantly impact the mechanical properties and integrity of materials."

Thermal Stress Measurement typically involves Power Plant Performance Testing, Gas and Stream Turbines Performance Testing, Fired and Recovery Steam Generator Testing, Compressor Performance Testing, Plant Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, Air Flow Component Testing, Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics.

Mechanical Testing focuses on Vibration Measurement and Analysis, Measurement and Analysis of Torque and Torsional Vibrations, Strain Gauge Measurements, Reciprocating Compressor Diagnostics, Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA, OMA, ODS).

Residual Stress Measurement Focuses on X Ray Diffraction, Hole Drilling, Ring Coring, Contour, Mechanical Strain Release (MSR) methods such as  Sectioning, Layering and Slitting.


Our products in the field of Residual Stresses and Cultural Heritage Conservation

  • MTS3000- Restan – Automatic system for measuring residual stresses by the hole drilling method, according to ASTM E837 standard.
  • MTS3000- Ring Core –Automatic system for measuring residual stresses of metallic materials by the ring coring semi-destructive technique.
  • DRMS Cordless – Automatic system for measuring the drilling resistance of natural stones, rocks and mortars in the field of Cultural Heritage.

The main features of the MTS3000 – Restan system are:

  • High speed drilling technology (350,000-400,000 rpm), by means of compressed air turbine or electric motor
  • Simple, automatic and quick to operate
  • Inspection management, data processing and automatic control of the drilling process using special software
  • Automatic determination of the drilling starting point by electrical contact

The main features of the MTS3000 – Ring Core are:

  • Automatic control of the feed motion of the drilling tool by stepper motor
  • Digital camera & laser beams for positioning at the center of the strain gage
  • Hollow shaft with a strain gage rosette special quick installation tool
  • Dedicated software for control of the measurement (RSM-RC) and back-calculation of residual stress (EVAL-RC)

The main features of the DRMS Cordless are:

  • Real time graphical indication of force vs. penetration depth with
    customizable filter (Butterworth and moving average filters)
  • Embedded database to create a custom repository of materials,
    holes and drill bits
  • Automatic correction of the drill bit wear

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