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From standard tests to complex research projects. TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA – Austria’s number one in component and material testing delivers efficient solutions for new opportunities and more entrepreneurial success.

Efficiency in the mobility of people and goods is one of the most urgent issues for our economy, despite digitalisation, the consequences of pandemics, war and political upheaval. In addition, there are fundamental changes in the way we live and consume. All of this requires new solutions and new technologies for transport systems on the road, rail or in the air. At the same time, it provides an attractive environment for market players inside and outside Europe.

One of the most profound changes concerns the shift in propulsion technology in transportation, followed by the expansion of public transportation and the multimodal use of everything from rental bikes to autonomous vehicles. Drones represent a unique and unfamiliar form of transportation for the population. Currently, the developments are still focused on rescue organizations and small transports, but work is being done intensively on their use in classic mobility. The pressure on industry to develop new solutions quickly and offer tailor-made solutions for transport network operators is enormous.

To be able to sustainably compete in the market, products must meet the highest demands – in terms of safety, availability, maintainability, compliance and performance. Technologies that are not yet part of the standard program, such as additive manufacturing, monitoring systems or AI, bring additional challenges for all market participants.

Electrical engineering, material testing, environmental simulation

TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA offers tailor-made testing concepts for these challenges in the areas of mechanics, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental simulation and IT/OT security. At the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Centre in Vienna, our experts develop individual solutions for a wide range of testing tasks in the mobility industry. The connected service offering of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group optimizes project effort in terms of time and logistics, reduces complexity by providing a single point of contact and reduces overall costs. This enables us to help our customers successfully bring new products to market quickly.

TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA is a leading provider of mechanical component and material testing. Our accredited testing labs can perform both static and dynamic testing on components ranging from small ones to large and complex structures. We design the appropriate test program according to the standard or the specifications of our customers.

In classical materials testing, we offer the whole range up to fracture mechanics examinations and the currently most powerful industrial computer tomograph in Austria. In the field of EMC, we support you with a broad portfolio of tests in one of the largest EMC test halls in central Europe. The possibilities include the network simulation of all on-board networks as well as e-mobility requirements from AC and DC up to 1 MW as well as battery simulation of all common standards.

In the near future, drive-in climate halls for simulating environmental conditions down to -70°C, controlled humidity, IP protection tests and acoustic measurements will be put into operation.

The combination of research expertise and many years of practical experience has one goal: to open up new possibilities for customers and partners with a broad service portfolio. This not only increases innovative strength, but also boosts competitiveness and is an important contribution to quality assurance.

Dr. Stefan Haas, CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group (C) TÜV AUSTRIA, Roland Rudolph

End-of-year remarks

Into the new year with optimism
Dr. Stefan Haas, CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group

The Russian war of aggression has still not come to an end, we are witnesses to Israel’s fight against Hamas terror. Natural disasters, environmental pollution and much more cast a dim outlook on the future. So why are we actually optimistic about 2024?

Kooperation innotec und SIListra


SIListra Systems and innotec Partner to Improve Functional Safety
Revolutionizing Functional Safety with Hardware Independent Safety

SIListra Systems GmbH, a highly specialized software company, and innotec GmbH, a consulting company specialized in Functional Safety, announced their strategic partnership to improve the safety development of embedded systems. The collaboration brings together SIListra’s cutting-edge software tool, the certified SIListra Safety Transformer, and innotec expertise in functional safety solutions, aiming for a holistic approach to functional safety.

TÜV Austria Iberia obtém acreditação para certificar produtos de plástico reciclado (norma EN 15343)

OK Recycled

Recognizing the growing importance of environmental sustainability:
TÜV AUSTRIA Iberia obtains accreditation to certify recycled plastic products (EN 15343)


Closing regulatory gaps quickly
TÜV AUSTRIA published position paper

TÜV AUSTRIA presents requirements and proposed solutions for the assessment of AI systems, recommends a corresponding clarification for the EU AI Act and published a position paper.

Donauturm-Rutsche | (c) Donauturm, R.Fasching, A.Stoeger

Slide at the Danube Tower

Safe thrills:
TÜV AUSTRIA inspects Europe’s highest slide

Dr. Stefan Haas, CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group (C) TÜV AUSTRIA, Roland Rudolph
Kooperation innotec und SIListra
TÜV Austria Iberia obtém acreditação para certificar produtos de plástico reciclado (norma EN 15343)
Stefanie Heinisch (M&A TÜV AUSTRIA Group), Ben Verhagen (Managing Director IVT Inspections), Erik Deboyser (former Managing Director IVT Inspections & Technical Expert) and Christoph Vogel (Head of M&A TÜV AUSTRIA Group)
Donauturm-Rutsche | (c) Donauturm, R.Fasching, A.Stoeger

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