Solution: Environment Product Declaration (EPD)

Solution: Environment Product Declaration (EPD)

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EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

"In the field of sustainability, TÜV AUSTRIA offers Green Action Services, e.g. Environmental Product Declaration. The EPD Certificate is a declaration prepared according to the ISO 14025 standard and shows the environmental performance of a product throughout its life cycle."

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) covers the entire process from raw material supply to the end user and end of life. The EPD Certificate, also known as ISO 14025 Type III environmental declaration, provides comparable, verified and independent information on the environmental impact of products on the market. By obtaining an EPD Certificate for their products or product groups, companies demonstrate responsible behavior in the context of environmental sustainability and green supply chain approach.

How to Obtain EPD Certificate?

  • In order to obtain EPD certification, companies must first prepare an environmental product declaration for their products. For this, data on the environmental impacts of the product should be collected and a life cycle analysis should be conducted. Research is conducted for many factors such as carbon footprint, water consumption, waste management, impact on the ozone layer, etc. that occur directly or indirectly throughout this cycle.
  • This information then needs to be verified by independent third-party verification bodies. Declarations verified by accredited organizations are ready for publication.
  • Environmental product declarations include a lot of information such as product description, company information, environmental impacts, etc. The information that should be included in a typical declaration is as
    follows – Information about the company- Information about the product such as brand, model, serial number, part number, etc.- When the declaration was made and how long it is valid- Data from life cycle analysis-
    Information about the environmental performance of the product, test, analysis, calculation results etc.

TÜV AUSTRIA Green Action Services

TÜV AUSTRIA offers Green Action Services for the priority sectors:

  • Iron and Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Cement
  • Fertilizer
  • Building Construction
  • Fuel and power generation

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