Solution: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Solution: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

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"TÜV AUSTRIA offers Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)."

What is GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

GRI is an independent organization founded in 1997 that sets a global standard for sustainability reporting. GRI provides a framework that enables companies to measure, manage and report on their economic, environmental and social impacts. GRI sets the criteria, indicators and reporting principles used in the sustainability reporting process.

Why GRI matters

Today, assessing and reporting on companies’ sustainability performance is becoming increasingly important for the success and reputation of businesses. GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), a globally recognized standard in sustainability reporting, helps companies effectively communicate their sustainability performance and better communicate with stakeholders.

The Importance of GRI

  • Transparency and Accountability: GRI encourages companies to report their sustainability performance in a transparent manner.
  • Comparability: GRI ensures that companies prepare their sustainability
    reports according to similar standards. This allows companies to track their
    performance over time and compare it with other companies in the sector.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Sustainability reports provide stakeholders with comprehensive information about a company’s economic, environmental and social impacts, creating a transparent
    communication environment.
  • Competitive Advantage: GRI-compliant sustainability reporting provides companies with a competitive advantage. Many investors and consumers are attracted to companies that consider sustainability performance and take into account environmental, social and governance factors.


GRI Standards and Reporting Principles

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards provide a globally recognized framework for sustainability reporting. Used to measure, manage and report on companies’ sustainability performance, these standards come with a set of reporting principles.
  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards enable companies to effectively report their sustainability performance, increasing transparency, accountability, competitive advantage and investor interest. By reporting in compliance with GRI standards, companies can stay one step ahead in
    sustainability and develop sustainable business strategies for the future.

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