Solution: International Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC)

Solution: International Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC)

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International Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC)

"In the field of sustainability, TÜV AUSTRIA offers Green Action Services, International Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC). International Renewable Energy Certificates (IREC) is a tool used to promote and verify renewable energy production. IREC is a system that supports the integration of energy markets around the world and has established a reliable and transparent standard."

The IREC system enables energy producers, energy consumers and energy processors to verify and track renewable energy purchases. It also helps document how effective renewable energy generation is in reducing carbon emissions. 

How Does an IREC Certificate Work?

An IREC certificate proves that a certain amount of renewable energy has been
produced and transmitted. A certificate usually represents one megawatt-hour
(MWh) of renewable energy. The certification process starts after the energy has been produced. An IREC certificate is generated for each MWh of energy produced from a renewable energy source. This certificate is then uploaded to IREC International’s central registration system. The relevant energy producer has the right to sell or keep these certificates.

With the concept of sustainability gaining importance and investors now considering sustainability factors in company selection, capital market regulators and stock exchanges have paid attention to the issue; companies have started to take various initiatives to spread the awareness of sustainability among investors and society.

Importance and Benefits of IREC

  • Global Transparency and Credibility: IREC sets a global standard for renewable energy consumption. It provides consumers with transparent information about the source and sustainability of energy. This increases
    trust and demand for renewable energy.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: IREC certificates are an important tool for achieving carbon emissions reduction targets. By purchasing IREC certificates, companies promote the use of renewable energy and thus reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Energy Traceability: IREC certificates enable energy consumers to monitor and manage their renewable energy consumption. This makes energy consumption more efficient and sustainable.


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